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Test Certificates Force Measurement
for electrical force transducers Fx3Cx, Fx2Cx
No. IECEx BVS 08.0028X

protection by flameproof enclosures "d"
for force transducers Fx3Cx

No. IECEx BVS 13.0036X
EC-Type Examination Certificate
for electrical force transducers Fx3Cx Fx2Cx
No. BVS 08 ATEX E 075 X
EC-Type Examination Certificate
flameproof enclosure "d"
for force transducers Fx3Cx
BVS 13 ATEX E 025 X

Safety Overload Protection on Cranes (China)

acc. to TSG Q7014-2008

No. TX 4000-16-09-0562 
for electrical force transducers Fx3Cx
No. 20090123-E312091

IECEx Certificate
for inclination sensors

IECEx BVS 13.0065X
EC-Type Examination Certificate for Tilt sensors type N**1C****** flameproof enclosure "d"BVS 17 ATEX ZQS/E288
EC-Type Test Certificate
Multifunctional Safety System ELMS****
DGUV Test No. ET 13085

Kraftaufnehmer mit Prüfrelais (Force Transducer with Test Relay)

Z-IS-ATA3-MAN 600219499

DGUV Test EC Type-Examination Certificate
ELMS1: Electronic rated capacity limiting device for cranes whose stability is not endangered

HSM 16007

BVS 13 ATEX E 030 X
EC-Type Examination Certificate

BVS 13 ATEX E 030 X