Model F6137/F6148/F6160/F6171

Geotechnics - Version

Hydraulic Ring Force Transducer

Extreme robust hydraulic ring force transducer for use in geotechnics.


  • Zinc-plated steel housing and piston
  • Accuracy ± 1,0% - 1,6% F.S. with pressure gauge
  • Accuracy ± 0,5% F.S. with pressure sensor or digital pressure gauge 
  • Operates without power supply
Nominal load:

80 kN up to 6000 kN


The Geotechnics-Version of the ring force transducer is a hydraulic force measurement unit with either an indicating device or an analogue output signal.

They are extremely robust to fulfill the high requirements in the geotechnics market. With these hydraulic force measurement units the tension force at the anchor head can be measured and displayed in an easy way. Therewith anchors and other soil nails can be monitored continuously.

The force measurement utilizes the hydraulic principle: The force applied to a piston generates a hydraulic pressure, which is either displayed with an indicating device or converted with a pressure sensor into an analogue output signal.

Applications for the hydraulic ring force transducer can be found within the geotechnics market in various areas, e.g.:

  • Anchoring Force
  • Slope Monitoring 
  • Construction and civil engineering
  • Tunnel construction
  • Mining (above and below ground)
  • Construction pits
  • Foundation construction