Shackle Load Cells

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Shackle Load Cells

If you have a particularly demanding task, our engineers and technicians go into top gear. You will also find the right solution at tecsis if you require special load transducers.

Example of load measuring shackle

An example of the innovative strength of tecsis: Tensile load measurement when raising loads or measuring clamping force in rigging, cabling or tension cables using load measuring shackles.

Typical usage areas are:

  • Scenery hoists in theatres
  • Chain hoists
  • Rigging of ropes
  • Theatre and platform construction

In these applications, a force measuring solution that works in a confined space often needs to be found - particularly when retrofitting chain hoists to upgrade them to C1 level. Load measuring shackles can be used, for example. tecsis has developed these special force transducers further in order to be able to deal with the respective structural requirements in a better way.

Measuring in-line:

tecsis has developed a special load measuring shackle for measuring loads in lifting gear. Benefit of the compact design, ease of installation and unique combination of design and accuracy.

  • Low Headroom : Attach your hooks or spansets directly
  • High reproducibility
  • Double strain gauge sensor
  • Unaffected by side-loading 
  • High accuracy of 0.15% FS even with changing loading conditions
  • Amplified output signal
  • Safety electronics have been developed especially for theatre and stage applications. With a signal jump, a function test is carried out in an interval of 24 hours in order to monitor the safe function of the force transducer. 

Product overview