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교정 서비스

The tecsis calibration service provides you with an independent calibration service with a comprehensive range of services. As a DAkkS-accredited calibration laboratory, we have been gathering experience since 1981. 

Calibration Certificates for the Scope "Pressure"

Calibration certificates and inspection certificate acc. to EN 10204 are produced in our DAkkS (previously DKD) calibration laboratory. The tecsis calibration service creates these for the measured scope "pressure": measured as absolute pressure or gauge pressure up 10.000 bar. 

  • Our calibration laboratory works according to the principles of EN/ISO 17025.
  • This is also the basis for the production of calibration certificates acc. to DAkkS-DKS-R-6-1.
  • Our calibration service will also produce inspection certificates 3.1 acc. to EN 10204 for you.
  • The tecsis calibration laboratory is independent. It is subject to monitoring by the PTB or DAkkS. 

tecsis Calibration Service: Your Benefits

  • The tecsis calibration service is independent, and opens up a comprehensive calibration service to you.
  • As an accredited calibration laboratory, we provide users with maximum safety by providing reliable measuring results.
  • This increases competitiveness at national and international level. It also acts as a metrological basis for monitoring measuring and testing materials within the scope of quality assurance measures.

Devices that are in perfect condition are capable of being calibrated. tecsis will also repair these devices for you if you like. This demonstrates how advantageous our decades of experience as a calibration service are to you: We can often even repair extremely old devices – not only from VDO, IMT or tecsis. These include devices that are up to 40 years old! 

The Way in which the tecsis Calibration Service Works

Calibration takes place under defined and recorded ambient conditions: e.g. temperature, air pressure, geographical elevation.

  • The result is a calibration certificate. In this calibration certificate, our calibration service documents important marginal conditions (e.g. temperature, air pressure etc.), the data concerning the reference standard that was used, information about the test object, recorded actual values and responsibilities.
  • We can also produce inspection certificates 3.1 acc. to EN 10204 in our calibration laboratory. Here we work with the existing reference and usage standards.
  • These inspection certificates are the result of testing by our calibration service (actual value recordings). We use this to confirm compliance with specifications.

Calibration Certificate, or "just" a Test Certificate?

Customers often order a calibration certificate, certificate or calibration document from our calibration service. The origin of these test certificates is often ISO 9000 and subsequent standards.

Calibration Service for Companies that are Certified acc. to ISO 9000

As an ISO 9000 customer (not certified acc. to ISO16949 "Automotive") you need a tested device in order to carry out quality-related measurements.

  • This testing must be carried out by a "Laboratory" – i.e. a calibration laboratory. This calibration laboratory must base its method of working on ISO 17025. The test certificates of a calibration laboratory are divided into two groups: non-specific and specific tests.
  • The test certificate for non-specific testing is known as works certificate 2.2. Here the tecsis calibration service can practically use the workplan to document that we have supplied a perfect product.
  • The test certificate with specific tests is an inspection certificate 3.1. This is where the measurements that were up to date prior to delivery are recorded.

Calibration Service for Companies that are Certified acc. to ISO 16949

If your company certified in acc. with ISO 16949? Do you have a pressure gauge in quality-related use?

  • If so the following applies: You must have the test certificates produced in a "Laboratory" – i.e. a calibration laboratory that works in acc. with ISO 17025.
  • In a normal case, this is an accredited calibration laboratory.
  • You receive a calibration certificate from this calibration service, which is often also known as a "DKD calibration certificate".

Learn more about DAkkS certifications by tecsis calibration laboratory and calibration service.

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